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so, ive been thinking about this for some time, the notion that humans are too smart for this planet, that we have outwitted nature

take this example of natural selection.. normally in nature if an animal is born with a limp, blind, or disabled in any other way, that creature is bound to be one of the first to die because it has a harder time protecting itself.. if that animal were to live and pass on its genes, and in the end result in a genetic mutation in that species, that would mean that that gene (or lack of perhaps) is better for that species in terms of survival..
we humans however have found ways of keeping the blind, the disabled and aged people alive and healthy and allow them to lead a relatively normal life, through aid of medicine, guide dogs,etc..
to what extent do people think that humans have outsmarted nature??

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no I dont believe ppl are too smart. Research suggests that most people stop developing their ethical and logical reasoning abilities at a very basic level, perhaps equivalent to grade 6 average (12 year olds). This level is charaterised by among other things, a misconception of the balance between self needs and social needs. If anything, the majority of people are too stupid.


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yeah wonder monkey, childrens development depends largely on their parents and other humans close to them in their early life. i saw a study that was done on a girl who had been kept locked in a room until her teens with no communication and she couldn't communicate as people do normally. the study showed that people are only the way they are because of society and that without people around them they act basically like primates.
following that theory its possible if you bring up a child in the right enviroment there are many things you could make them.

an example of this is hot housing where children being learning before they are enve born and then go to a special school from a young age where they are feed all this information which is meant to make their lives better. what eventuates is a smarter person in some aspects but you can see there is something different about them, its very interesting and i'm starting to rant so i'll stop!

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