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Posted:So Im getting a set of spinning clubs and have been looking at the Dube Klassic set:
br>Im pretty much set on these so Im really just looking for some opnions and/or testimonials. If anyone has a truly better suggestion, Im open to that as well. And before anyone comments on the fact that they're juggling and swinging torches, thats fine. I juggle also and have no juggling torches either but they're mainly going to be for spinning.

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Posted:apart from anything else: Not enough wick!

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Posted:I was going to say Dube also make a dual swinging/juggling club, now the page has loaded, I see thats the Klassic a torch great for juggling as well as swinging.

I tried them out at JuggleArt and they seem ok, perhaps a little long compared to what Im used to. Theyre certainly better for juggling that the Mr Babache swinging clubs I use currently. Though, The MBs have cathedral wicks that last for ages. Josh and plenty of other use juggling clubs for swinging. Ill probably get better balanced clubs next time, as the progression into juggling is inevitable, well for me wink

Let us know how you get on. If you are into swinging then you are probably aware of the
Club/torch swinging thread

Cheers Clubs rule


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