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Kyrian 4,308 posts
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Hello world- so many of you i don't know right now. But HoP has always been full of people with great ideas, whether or not i know them. And so I turn to you guys to see if anyone can job my braincells or have a great suggestion when i'm out of them.

what i want are: suggestions on ways to supplement income or ideas for making a supporting wage out of something liked.... i've thought it over but had a hard time coming up with a solid idea. so i want some help brainstorming smile

thanks guys, many many thanks!!

Catagory is: A method of supporting a family on one income and not hating job. Supporting in this case would include some ability to fly to see extended family and some ability to let me pursue what i want to do, which is competitive eventing.

The interests being brought to the table are:
Horse care and stable management
Teaching english riding disciplines
Coaching/trainging riders/horses
Targetry (archery and target shooting)
Cooking & Food
Rock Climbing
Linguistics, particuarly syntax
Programming - software and compilers
Religion (studying it, more so)
Psychology (Social and Personality- yes i know thats weird)
Evolutionary Biology
Higher Math(s)
Woodworking & Simple Carpentry (Structures- barns- not houses)
Interior Decorating
Breeding and raising ducks
Harp (playing)

Skills brought to the table:
Math(s) - figure good US/UK grad level - the theory stuff
Computer software design and programming expirience, altho limited
Mad cooking skillz and dedication
Riding and Training skills (horses)
Financial Planning and Management
General Animal care and Veterinary skills
Competition expirience and knowledge (eventing)
Ability to play harp- sort of tongue
Knowledge of current linguistic theories
Dedication and physical fitness
At least cursory knowledge of all mentioned intrests- sometimes a lot more

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SkulduggeryGOLD Member
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Buy a piece of land and set up a country retreat. You could live there year round and offer places to people to come and stay (at a price). You can set up classes for the guests. You could even start out with "Barn building" Weeks where people came to learn the basics of erecting a structure. That way you get your stables built. If at first you don't have the money to build Hostles/ chalets/lodgings for these guests start out with Tepees or yurts. Market yourself as 'getting back to nature'. Lots of people will pay to do that and pay through the nose!

Good Luck in whatever you choose to do hug

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The Real Fryed Fish 1,489 posts
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well it seems to me that there is not much you couldnt do, with all the qualifications you have you should be suited for any job you for what you need, i.e. travel etc, have you thought about owning a first it may not give you the freedom you are looking for, but in the long run it would.......or something like what im going for (emergency medical teachnician) their scheduals are 24 hours on 48 hours off, lots of free time, but high job stress

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Burning Brain 321 posts
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i had a teacher who tought math and ran the outdoors club at my high school. pretty much all the did was teach kids how to rock climb, kayak, bike, hike and a bunch of other stuff. she was able to go to all parts of the country with 10-15 kids at a time and do all the outdoors crap that she loved to do anyway.

probably one of the best jobs i can think of. but it might not pay that much.

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Who cares if it pays if you are doing something you love?
Im going to train to be an actor, one of the most notoriously low paid jobs in the world, but I love it...


Kyrian 4,308 posts
Location: York, England

Owning my own business is really the most likely thing, but that means i need to have the means to get started-

Skul- Great Idea! I love it. I shared it with my current partner (he wants to run a restaurant) and he thinks its genius too. Extended properly, I could even wind up having people pay to help me landscape and stuff. *wanders off to think about these ideas* And I love the idea of starting out with basic structures like Teepess which could be inexpensive and they will probably think is cooler anyway. Nice....

As to the who cares if you get paid to do something you love, as long as its just me I don't (I figure I can always work for lodging and such). But I'd like to have kids and whatnot, and that means supporting them, and supporting at least some of my partner so he can watch the kids while i work and keep the house in shape-ish.

Teaching idea is also pretty fun, altho it may be hard to get enough money to live on with a family- depends where i think.

As for emergency medical, i did it for a couple years and i think i'm done with it- it is pretty high stress and often buracracy rears its ugly head besides.

Anyone have any further thoughts?- either expanding on something said or new ones?


Thanks so much for ideas!


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AdeSILVER Member
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Hi Kyrian wave

I've just come back from a great conference where I learned the following trick - it's very powerful and the results can be quite suprising!!

1. Draw up a grid of squares on a bit of paper
2. Along the top row of the grid (from left to right) write the qualities/skills you have that you are good at and like using (your second list)

3. On the left hand side (from top to bottom) write the things you like doing - your hobbies etc - your first list

4. Now where each of the skill and interest intersect, there is a blank box - combine the skill and the interest - what are the possibilities of that kind of a combination??

Some won't be inspiring, but you'd be suprised at the sort of possibilities and connections you can uncover when using this method

/trainers hat off


Kyrian 4,308 posts
Location: York, England

will give it a try tommorow ade, along w/ my holiday cards & letter.
let you know if i get anything cool

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Dreamin is still how the strong survive

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New Hampshire has a point....

Mr MajestikSILVER Member
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the first question you need to ask yourself is if you will actually act on ideas, because as i found out there are lots of things i'd love to do but realise i'm just too lazy to get around to it tongue

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Kyrian 4,308 posts
Location: York, England

Sorry, I've not had internet for awhile. - Mr. M, what a valid question. But I have no problem getting things done. I am starting to get a little bogged down doing work for two people, but this will clear up soon. Horse work, is of couse, more fun.

On another note I never realized how long that grid could take. We had over 720 spots on it.... we've done about 200, maybe a few less, so far.

Best silly answer is "Create Death Traps" which is the merge of Game Theory (Intrest) and Basic Construction (Skill). Best idea for extra cash is also from a merge of the two, and several others, which is making physical puzzles, and labyrinths for people to solve, and charging admission (Like the corn maze.... don't say it... i know its a bad joke.... but is real...)

Will post more funny and more good later when my notebook is closer... too much overtime this week, and too tired.

Peace & Love

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Dreamin is still how the strong survive

Shalom VeAhavah

New Hampshire has a point....

AdeSILVER Member
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oops - never said it was a quick process to explore the grid redface

but sounds like some interesting options might come out of it for you - something that you may not have even thought about!

good luck with your journey