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  Posted: Kay so I was just messing around and (yes this should probably be in the tangles thread but it's so cool I thought it should have a thread of it's own)

Now I don't know how this works so i'll just explain it and try my best.

From forward weave.
Go into a buzzsaw hyperloop. Allow for the leading Poi to pass on the inside twice and as the following Poi is about to pass inside (between the knot and your body) spin yourself (keeping your arms out straight) 180 (so the Poi pass you like this: leading-following-leading-now you spin, so essentially it's one and a half beats) what will happen.. is ... here it is the really cool bit. The Poi will start to turn into a horizontal plane so you have to move your arms so that they are above and below the Poi instead of being to the left and right. Now your Poi are doing a corkscrew hyperloop!!!!!!!!!!!! eek Now to get out continue turning in the same way as you did before another 180 and then start weaving!! So Cool!!!! cool
Hope you like it, I'm so proud biggrin

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  Posted:yeah for you!

if i could do a buzzsaw hyperloop i would try it! but i've seen them done so i can envision it!

well done!

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  Posted:thats some crazy stuff.
I cant do the buzzsaw hyperloop yet but im getting there.

well done for getting that though!

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