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Posted:I just thought what this site really needs is one of those pointless games that kill time in between meals. So can anyone remember that word association game they used to play on Radio 1 (they still might for all i know).

Well all it involves is someone says a word (the someone being the winner of the last chian, riddle thread styli) then another random word. The winner is the one to connect the two words via other words that are associated with each other.

You get me? Like a chain of association.

I'll start off Tree 2 Margaret Thatcher smile

O yeah the longer and crazier the chain the better biggrin

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jemima (jem)
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jemima (jem)

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Posted:um there is already one of these hug

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Posted:you are a robot!

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Posted:one? there's at least 50,000 of them!

if you're really quiet jemma they may not notice/bump them, then we'll all be happy, especially malcolm's bandwidth bill smile


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My hairs on fire

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Posted:As soon as i saw that title i lost ''the game'' frown

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Hope all is well : )



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Posted:no! I lost to. how long is that? two days? damn. Stupid game. i lost.

I dont get this other game tho (lost again)...

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Posted:frosted lucky charms.

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Posted:i get it, it's like Six Degree of seperation or the Someone Bacon game on

Ok 'I'll give it a go.

Tree are ringed with bark
"Bark" is the noise a dog makes
A dog is a domestic wolf
"Wolf" was a 1994 film starinf Jack Nicholson
Nickolson is an old name meaning "Son of Nicol"
Nick is the male version of Nicol
Saint Nick is another name for Santa
Stant is famous for wearing the colour red
Red is the colour of the UK Labour party
The Labour party's age olf enemy sinve ye Olden Days has been The Tories
The most famous Tory leader was probably either John Major or Margaret Thatcher.

Flawless link Dave?
Yeah I think so
Our listeners disagree


Margaret Thatcher to Nirvana anyone?

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AAARRRGGGHHH!!! My giant stick broke!!! In two!!! My stick broke in two!!! ubbcrying




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Posted:haha tedious link styli - love it!!

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Posted:he he that works even better than i remember it.

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Posted:Margaret Thatcher is also known as Maggie
Maggie May was a song performed by Rod Stewart
...who is formerly a member of the Small Faces
"faces" are the sides of 3D shapes
young people may go to the discotheque to "throw some shapes"
they may also throw plastic bottles full of piss.
"Cans of Piss" was an alternative name that the band R.E.M. considered.
REM sleep helps the brains of premature babies to develop
A premature baby will not have spent a full term 'in utero'
In Utero was the last studio album released by the band, Nirvana!

uh... hope that's tedious enough for you, i certainly found it pretty tedious, but i got there in the end... ubbrollsmile
so next link....

Nirvana to Rio de Janiero.....

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