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Posted:Before anyone jumps on me for not doing a search i'd just like to say that i am well familiar with past discussions over pay, performance and undercutting each other but would like some advice on a rather specific dilema. OK, here goes...

Our local techno/breaks night is one of the highlights of the Notts clubbin calendar. I try and make it along whenever i can and unsurprisingly always take my lovely glow toys to play with all night. The promoter, well known for being a tight-wad, offers free entrance to jugglers to the event in an attempt to encourage a better atmosphere inside, an offer which in the past i've been happy to take advantage of because i'd be going anyway although we've always been campaigning to get some actual pay for doing it properly. The promoters excuse is usually that he can't afford to pay us.

Recently some performers i know agreed to perform fire outside in return for actual payment but have yet to be payed for their last five events. There's another rave this saturday to which i'm going and would lke to take my glow toys but am worried this undercuts the work of the guys who have yet to be payed. Although i don't see what i do as performing and don't expect to be payed for it, does this mean i shouldn't spin at all?

The trouble is that there's always non-performers spinning glo-sticks inside so what difference would it make if i refused to? should i just take the free entry or should i buy a ticket, effectively giving them my contribution to the atmosphere for free? i usually spin in clubs anyway but most places in london seem to differentiate between performers and ravers...

can anyone offer me some thoughts on this situation? umm

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Posted:get a big banner, go round all the free entrants, and then make a demo on the stage to get the fire performers paid.

and tell the paid guys that they need to get a contract, then at least they have legal recourse to recoup thier money.

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oh, if you wanna go, go, unless you wanna make a mass boycott, but if its just you boycotting and not a whole heap of peaple, then go. lol

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