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Posted:I will be in the Milan area this coming weekend and was wondering if there was anyone spinning fire over there.

If not, all suggestions are welcome. I don't know the city and don't speak italian...


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Posted:I was just wondering how you were.

I guess that answers my question.

International Playboy. wink

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Posted:my brother is in rome next week, he doesnt spin though.

ill be in pisa on the 3rd of january though.

hope you are well mr nomad biggrin


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Posted:The only Italian spinner I know lives in Bologna, so I'm no help. However, I'd suggest going to look at the main Duomo in Milan (as long as it isn't still under scaffolding). I was there at least 5 years ago, and it was amazing. Other touristy things to see are Michelangelo's "Last Supper" although you will need to make a reservation for it beforehand. Don't get caught in the shopping district around a time when you will be hungry. It's really difficult to find a restaurant among all the shops. Oh, and don't worry about not knowing the language. It's pretty easy to get around without knowing any Italian.


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