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  Posted: whats everyones fav trick to do with Poi at the moment then....mines probably messing round with hyperloops and stops/stalls at the mo

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My hairs on fire

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  Posted:i like the ''go as hectic as posible while dodging the Poi pulling off stuff like you meant to but actually dont ave a clue what u did'' trick ubbloco

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  Posted:well mine is humble really....just learnt how to turn from forward 3 bt to backwards 3bt weave. also learning btb butterfly...liking that a lot

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strangly i love the buzzsaw



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  Posted:I love the buzzsaw too! I'm working on making it go sideways as well as vertically.

but what I am really loving right now is the (backwards) behind the back weave -- I worked very hard learning it over the past two months and now I can finally do it -- yay!

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