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Posted:Hi guys. Kinda new to this thang. Cained the hell out of the lessons when I was learning poi, and just wanted to let you all know that Im now managing a backpackers hostel in the Northern Territory of Australia. We have poi lessons every afternoon and it is amazing how they bring people together. So if your passing thru my town, CUM AND SHOW ME SOME NEW TRICKS!!!!


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Posted:Tried the meet others link on the top of this page?

Come forth and thou shalt win enternal happiness. but he came fifth so he won an electric toatser.



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Posted:hey scarebear1
im cming down to australia in 2 weeks and will be in kathrine for a few days at some point between the 12th and 23rd of aug. as im making my way from alice springs up to darwin. if you let me know when your holding a meet i could find out if ill be in kathrine then

if you want email me :
(ok ok i know its a pretentious email ad but anyway)
let me know

hugs and fluff
lolli x x

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