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Rouge Dragon
Rouge Dragon

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Posted:I have a masquerade dinner coming up in about 2 weeks, and I need to a mask of some sort for it. I have to keep my mask on the entire time I am at the venue, so I will need to be able to eat with it on.

What would be the best way to go about making a mask?

I want to make one that I have actually put some effort into, that has some class. When I dress up I got all out! (ask anyone I have been to a fancy dress party with!) I don't want to just make something crap out of paper, but something really nice and stylish.

Any ideas?


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*realises she's never been to a masquerade ball or made a mask (except for in high school drama!) & that she probably won't be much help....and rus away*


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Posted:If you want to make it yourself for you exactly you could get plaster bandages and make it that way. Jacksons here sell them as would the big craft stores near you I guess. Unless you have a contact in emergency at your hospital.
Make sire you slather yourself really well with vaseline before bandaging.
Its heaps of fun, that how we did our mermaid in my gallery. We plastered Nys from head to belly button. well in bits.

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Posted:I recommend feathers.

Feathers are always good ubbangel

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Posted:Last time i made a mask i got a cheap halloween mask and used mod-rock over it to make it into the distinctive face i wanted. It was very heavy tho.

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