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Posted:so far ive mostly come across poi vids.. nothing against poi.. its great, but im more of a staff fan, and honestly im out of moves and the best way to learn is to see them.. .plus i long to see some amazing staffing ubblove

ive seen benders video on his website, but i want more, MORE!!
can anyone give me some links to staff vids

much obliged!! biggrin


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Posted:Ah, it's been a while...

Do a search! There's tonnes of vids on HoP which have staff on it - click on the "Durbs" in my signature, or up top where it says "Search" and search for "Staff" in the "Videos" section.

Plenty of stuff is there if you look for it smile

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Posted:there's a vid about two guys and 4 staffs at



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Posted:hey cheers guys..

that vid is amazing.. i see i got some practicing to do.. not to mention another staff to buy:P

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Posted:this isn't amazing, but it's got staff.
practice footage
it suffers from a distinct lack of blue cat haxor.

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Posted:stickman now be honest have u even read any of the video threads? theres loooooooooooooads of staff videos particularly look for drew and staff, knoxious vids, everything on poi in the park and the ones on soton firespinning

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Posted:here's a couple of clips of me twirling at our weekly fire night.
the first is mainly just a fire ball but the second is a bit of a longer clip of me just playing. let me know what you think.