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Posted:Hey, anyone living in or near Richmond, VA, here's some information about this weekend. Two e-mails I recieved from Carol Lee of River City Burners:

"Hey everyone! It is time for a spin jam on Sunday. We are meeting at Shields Lake (Byrd Park - the lake closest to Maymont's Nature Center). I want to hang around the log people sculpture, so look for us there. Please come and hang. I have plenty of practice poi for those of you that don't have a set. Dress for cold, but if it is raining...we will try again some other time.

Hope to see you there!!!!!

Carol Lee"


"Just passing this information on...

Carol Lee

P.S. Just encase you missed it, the time for the spin jam is 1:00 in the afternoon. Hope to see you there."

I couldn't love you more.

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