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Posted:Reverse weave and when your right hand is over your left hand, you hook the string right in the middle with your thumb and teh poi speeds up and folo
ws a circle about half as small as original, you have to swing the poi over your hand to keep momentum. If you catch your right ahnd string when your left hand is over your right the pattern is rad. You can do this with the windmil as well.

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Posted:wow i thought it would look stupid at first, but actually feels pretty good.

sorry if i offend you with that comment... ubbangel

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Posted:Here is my version of that (though it really isn't hyperloopy):

in butterfly or TTN, catch both poi on your outside fingers, outside of your handles as you separate your hands by half a chain length. this will cause the one large butterfly circle to go to two small side-by-side circles. as the poi finish a revolution like this, the chain clocking back around will automatically push the finger wrap off and the whole thing will pop back into a full butterfly. you can also just hook one side at a time for small circles inside big ones. alternating which side you finger wrap on each beat looks wicked too.

only works well with ballchain i think

watch out though, sometimes the chain catch your fingers in such a way as to give them a good mashing, but if you are fast, you can pull your fingers out of the wrap early enoug to prevent this.

Mech is actually the inspiration for this, as he made an offhand smart aleky comment to [NX?] in the kitchen at the Kent valentine's day gathering earlier this year. It took me a couple months to nail it, and if I don't practice it, it takes me a day to get it back.

I call it finger loops.


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Posted:yeah, blue came up with this a while ago to, i think its something like fake airwrap, but hey, who cares about names?

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