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Was just reading through Kali's 'LONDON' thread in which you clearly state you were at Kensal Spinners last night!? AAAAAAAH!
I asume that wasn't your first visit to that luvly place, and as I go every week I have the sneaky suspicion we already know eachother
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HoOHoOO! How exiting
Wot do you look like luva?

Az abouve, So below...

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tee heee

Dromes got here own thread and she's not even posted in it yet.

DFQ: Drome is the one who is almost as cutie cutes as you (well she would be but she hasn't got the socks

wavy hair and double staffs and
She and her friend emily are really lovely.

Plus its great to be remineded of the old drome.


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I was asleep!!! Working out is making my body have a strong appetite for sleeping long hours during the day and night!

Fairy Queen:
I'm nuts I have a pink and white hat and lately you will see me attempting backwards tricks on Poi (my face hurts) and trying to get my staff style going...

I'm a dirty blonde with alotta hair was wearing brown tank top, black pants...(you might not see my hair very often I tend to protect it from fire and swinging objects)

I'll be there on sunday....
And yes it was the first time I went to kensal rise! Pity they are going to close that place down...
I was doing a bit of Double Staff...
Who are you darling? What were you spinning, how, where???

You get the text???
You became bullet proof?!?
I thought we had to handle with care...

Much love to everyone, drome


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fluffy drome
C l text got text cool got.

Typed 5000 words today in e-mails
I'm glued to this seat

much fluffy bouncy orange happiness
in case of emergency...

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Where is the Kensal Spinners, I feel like doing something. Also what time is it? By the way if I do go, Im a 15 yr old boy with baggy jeans and Im extremely skinny(why I wear baggy stuff).

I hope you realize how pissed I am.

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Unfortunately its closing down according to sources

So last thursday was apparently the last one.

But there is summer spinning in clapham common on sunday... I'm not sure when it starts (3-4 maybe) but I'll be showing up after my staff lesson... So prob around 5-6...

See you there?
Much love, drome


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Funny I always assumed you two (DFQ and Drome pixie) already knew each other. Your styles of zany posts are so similar I thought you must be friends.

How odd.

"I'll carry this....It's harder to spill a hat" - Chellybean
"...like a rabbit caught in a lighthouse?" - Chellybean

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