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Posted:Today I was stressed about having to write an essay which I really didn't understand.

Then I smoked a cig, first one in about 3 days (I'm a very light smoker anyway).

It had that kind of... effect you get when you don't smoke for a week and don't eat or anything.. made me feel all funny and woozy (perhaps I'm just a wimp).. then I sat down at the computer, quickly scanned my lecture notes and 45 minutes later I've done 1000 words, all of it relevant good stuff! I only have 500 to go... genius!

So yeah, take up smoking! (WARNING: Do not take up smoking. This is a silly post from a silly man.)


What a wonderful miracle if only we could look through each other's eyes for an instant.

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*wishes he could add something better but he needs a ciggie first*


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