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The Real Fryed Fish

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Posted:George W. Bush...........Kerry called and conceded the election. go to for the full story...........sorry everyone

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Posted:My uncle an irish guard worked very closly with his security teams when he visited Ireland and he is apparently not an idiot.
Maybe he is trying to show everybody makes mistakes even the president of the USA or trying ( a bit too hard ) to show he is a normal person.


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Posted:George W. Bush is like a Zaphod Beeblebrox for those of you that read Douglas Adams, except he's less cool and got more attitude.


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Posted:He is more like a monkey to me.... I mean just look at the guy! I think some of his decisions are quacked.

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Singed Piper (formerly Mark1)

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Posted:voted for bush, and support him as president...
i'm also prolife, for the scientifically based moral reasons, not the issues based religion vs.personal rights crap people always pull.
I also believe that the UN is toothless, and if any good is going to be done in the world, it has to came from one leader, not a group of countries at cross issues with each other.

the only real problem I have with bush is the patriot act.

and, for the record, I'm Roman Catholic, and agree with all official guidelines of the church.

if you want more information about my views and/or beliefs, politely PM me, however attacks, including those reworded as questions, are not welcome.

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Posted:Personally, I don't trust him as far as I can throw him... But then after this last election in november, I have completely lost faith in the american people as well for reasons that go beyond letting that zealot back in office. Which is why I want out of this country as quickly as possible. Maybe I can get a uni to sponsor me in europe after I get my doctorate.

Yeah, clinton lied.. about having sex. Bush lied and the american death toll is what now?

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Mr Majestik
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Mr Majestik

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Posted:one leader cant decide what is right for the whole world, watch the new star wars and you'll see that!

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