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I am planning on making a set of poi for a friends birthday. She has asked for Monkey Fists. I'm having a problem with it though. I know how to make the monkey fist knot, but i dont know what i should use for weight or how to attach it to the chain.

If anyone has any ideas please post them.

Thnx all,

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use a wooden ball for a core. you can anchor into this in a variety of ways for connecting to the chain. As far as weight - they'll be heavy enough!


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You could try durbing (do a search)


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You can read this article making fire heads.

As this has been brought up before I'm closing this thread. The idea is that if you do a [Old link] you'll probably find out what you need to know. If you have any specific questions left unanswered add your question to an existing thread and that way all the information stays in the same thread.


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