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this freaked me out...after i put my strings on (i spin glowsticks) i flipped up my glowstick by gerking my fingers up. the glow sticks started spinning or flipping. i saw this and was like hmmmmthats cool. Then on its downward spin i grabed it into an isolation and put it into my 3bt weave. It was pretty baddass because it looked like funnel motion with the whole going from small to big thing. it was freaky.

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eek when they start talking to you that's when you should really get worried. wink

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i think i kinda know the thng you mean, and you can stick that kinda thing into your spinning from stalls, or just when the poi is going quite slow, (give it a big yank, to pull it across to another point of the circle) and you get some really eratic looking circles.

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