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The 28th of October, a thursday, theres a Halloween party at Beardslee castle in Upstate, NY. Beardslee Castle has shows on weekends and handles weddings and stuff like that it's a really beautiful place. Anyway their biggest event is their end of the year Halloween party. On the top floor theres Freekbass produced by the bass player from Parliament-Funkadelic, on the main floor theres the band Concentric (bass-drums-sax-violin quartet), and in the dungeon theres Dj Chillness and Dj Jen Haley. People stay overnight in tents on the premises and youhave to be in costume. It's a really good time and last year there was a couple fire spinners there. Anyway I'll be there so there will be at least one. If anyone is interested it's only like 10-15 bucks at the most (it might be cheaper). It's easy to find off the thruway and I would meet anyone that was interested.

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