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hey hey!!

We are putting on a music and arts festival on NOVEMBER 7 which is set to be full of fun and fantasticalness (now that's gotta be a good thing) and is free and open to anyone whose heart desires to come along.

Sunk Loto and heaps of bands from around queensland play on the day as a way of letting awesome local bands play alonside famous professional musicians.

theres food and markets, all kinds of performances and basically just a heap of really keen and inspired people who are determined to give Logan its best event ever.

if you have a market/ stall or would like to come and do some busking/ street theatre or anything at all let me know cos we'd love to have you!!

otherwise, come down on the day 11-6ish and have yourself some free and fabulous fun anyway

if you want to know anything at all or if you feel like a hello my email is
and you can have a looky at our website

thank-a-you! xox

hugs, kisses and majikal wishes

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erm, is this a NSW thing? sounds spesh!!

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forgive my ignorance, but where is rochedale?

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Sam is allie helping to run it this year?

Dentrassi... Rochedale is a suburb on the southern side of brisbane

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hi there!!! biggrin

that sounds AWESOME!!! (i keep using capitals today...not sure why... ubblol )

this event sounds really good!! bounce i will try & get there for sure! is it an annual thing?? i've been trying to find out what kind of events are about for young people in and around brisbane!! (out of work youth worker i am!! hehe)

might see you sunday!! biggrin

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