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Posted:So not fair! I have been working in this office for over a year and have not once taken any form of annual leave...so I am owed four weeks in annual leave and 10 days in absent days off (I work for the government).

My sister comes over to WA once a year for two weeks (she lives over east) and next year I asked to have the time off while she is here so I can spend time with her and my little baby nephew.

I have just been told that I am not going to be allowed to take the two weeks off because two off the days I have requested are during the busy period.

I mean it's not like other people in this office haven't had days off during the busy period.

Why is it so hard for me to be able to get time off??


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Posted:mad angry censored angry mad

thats so not fair! is there anyway you can talk to them and convince them to change there minds?

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Posted:Like how? Banging their heads on a brick wall for them? To try knock some sense into their brains.

It's been like this since I have been here.

There was one incident a couple of months ago where I asked to have a day off to commemorate an anniversay of my friends death, I was turned down (big surprise), however, two days later, one of my other work mates asked for the exact same day off and was told it was fine.

I only get to see my sister once a year and now it looks like I won't be able to even do that!

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Posted:just go - call in sick. Nowt they can do about that!



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Posted:Need a doctors certificate if I take more than one day off at a time.

There are no doctors that I know of who will give out fake certificates. They are all to scared of ebing caught out.


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Posted:Maybe go to your doctor with mysterious depression issues that are interefering with your work over those few days or the ever handy "womans problems". Buts its not good to have to mess around like that.
Is there someone else you can ask about the holidays and fairness of being turned down???

Will they compromise enough to work the 2 busy ones but have the rest of the time off ?? At least that way you get to see your sister a fair amount....give it a go.
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Posted:Can't you get all but the 2/3 busy days off?

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Posted:Can't you speak to your boss or someone in the HR dept about this? Denying you time off and then giving that time off to someone else has to be a form of workplace discrimination.


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this it totally unfair, i agree that despite the fact that they are (in the business) higher than you but you have to lay down some laws sometime and basiclaly say this is not on, either say to them the situation how you have taken no days off and it means a lot that you have this off, they really cant do that, you could threaten with saying you are going to get your lawyer to look into human rights in the workplace clause, that normally kicks them into gear, if not i coudl send my boys skinner and knuckles to come 'talk' to them wink

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Posted:I used to work in such a company, and I understand their thinking, however....

Is this policy of denying time off during the 'busy season' printed in a company guidebook somewhere?

Is there a calendar made available to all employees which denotes what days are off limits?

If not, it sounds like you have a pretty solid case of worker discrimination on your hands.

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Posted:yep, looks quitte unfair, in czech we, for luck, hold toes, so, i hold u toes... hehe.. sounds funny.. hold toes.... smile

miluju prahu a pr lid v n i mimo n smile


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Posted:That sux Medusa.

See your Union rep, especially if you think you are being discriminated against. You asked for leave next year, well in advance, and you havent had any annual leave in over 12 mts. Government departments generally dont like people accruing leave either, so something is a bit suss. Good luck.

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Posted:Yeah I have been harrassed to take the time off by the Human Resources Deaprtment already but still no luck in being able to take the time off.

I also asked my boss about working those two busy days and then taking the rest of the two weeks off but again the answer was no.

What does two days matter anyway when others have been given the time off during the same times of year?

Unfortunately it has been dictated to us that in no uncertain terms is ANYONE allowed to take the time off during the busy period. However, a number of the other staff in our office have been given the time off during these times.

I am so sick of the office politicas and the unfair treatment in our office.

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Rouge Dragon

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Posted:I believe a "mental health day" is now a legitimate reason for a sickie. At least I'm pretty sure it is over here.

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