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Okay I'm a newbie to the site, and I've been doing fire twirling with poi for about a year and a half and the staff for , well about 6 months, and I have recently found this great thing with double staffs. (by staff, I'm talking about four foot/130cm kinda thing). I don't know the names or technical jargon so bare with me here. You have the side figure 8's, with both sticks, either side, offset timing. You take that vertical move, turn 180 degrees, and make the move so it is above your head. So a one and a half turn, either side with them offset. (takes a lot of wrist turning...) Okay now you turn that into a kind of corkscrew in a horizontal plane. That is about as best as I can describe it, I think it would be like a 3 x corkscrew... where you have two turns below the arm, and then one turn above... but yes I was wondering if someone has that move named already? and if so, have they got the variation where to alternate hands to go behind your back. I wish I had a video of it.... sorry !

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hmmm... sounds confusing... i kindof understand what your getting at though.

i seem to remember a nice thread where someone attempted to define some doubles basics which may help your explanations [simian perhaps?] .... *runs off to check*

edit: my [Old link] youll find some definitions of basic that may help you.

good luck.
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