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Forums > Technical Discussion > Adding weight to glow-stick chains?

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Posted:I spin fire and glowsticks. Now with my glowstick pois (attached to chains), they are super light, TOO light in weight. Anyone have any tips for adding weight to glow-stick poi?


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Posted:Hang more than one glow stick on the chain at a time. Tape a bundle of them together then attach them to the chain.

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Posted:but if your suffering from a glowstick shortage, tape some lead fishing weights, or if that fails, some larger coins to your sticks.

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Posted:Tape a small child to each.

Or tape a wrecking ball one each (a small one mind you)



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Posted:keep them ultra light and learn some glowstringing moves

or add blu tack

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Posted:Written by: Dentrassi

but if your suffering from a glowstick shortage, tape some lead fishing weights, or if that fails, some larger coins to your sticks.


when I didn't feel like using 2 fresh glowsticks, I would use one new one and one used one on each chain.

alos try using lighter chain when you spin glow to get the angular momentum further out.

actually learning to spin with very light objects is very helpful, teaches you very precise plane control and subtlety of transition.


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Posted:I've always found that making a contraption out of a tennis ball and 2 keyrings which goes on your chains, then has the stick hanging underneath, does the job pretty well. It creates the same amount of... I dunno, drag or whatever that you'd look for in practise poi, and you can always insert stuff into the ball to up the weight if required.

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Posted:Small child or wrecking ball...interesting solutions...

I really like the tennis ball idea, yet I could never engineer in my brain how to attach the glowstick to the end of the tennis ball. perhaps if i use a string through the tennis ball, the physically tie the glowsticks to the end of the string?? How do you make yours?



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