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Location: Malaeimi, Am. Samoa
Member Since: 23rd Oct 2003
Total posts: 75
Posted:Hey all !

Just got back from the First Annual Fireknife Competition in Anaheim, Calif.
It was great - the best fireknife dancers in the world were there....some amazing performances. David Galeai took first place in the senior division.
My oldest son Malakai came in second in the Junior Division and my youngest son came in first in the Tamaititi Division biggrin.



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Location: Staines
Member Since: 4th Aug 2004
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Posted:me being very dumb ginger moment here but what is fireknife?

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Location: Malaeimi, Am. Samoa
Member Since: 23rd Oct 2003
Total posts: 75
Posted:Samoan Fireknife - it's a knife, usually a machete, with wicks at both ends.
See www.sivaafi.org for pictures and stuff.

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Location: Cornwall
Member Since: 25th Aug 2003
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Posted:Congratulations to both your sons!

bounce biggrin

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Kinudin (Soul Fyre)
Location: San Diego, California, USA
Member Since: 21st Dec 2001
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Posted:Yay! congratulations! clap clap


Pirate Pixie Crew Captain
Location: Wales
Member Since: 12th Aug 2004
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Posted:bounce bounce2 bounce

Well done to your sons! I didn't know what a fire knife was either. Maybe you could video them and post it up in the video forum for us to see. Its always good to see something new.

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Location: ffidrac
Member Since: 23rd Jun 2004
Total posts: 1643
Posted:wow, that looks really cool, dangerous - sharp edges and fire? - but cool.

Congratulations, keep on fireknifing! bounce2

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Posted:Congrats TeeJay! To both you and your sons!


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Location: Scotland
Member Since: 16th Jul 2004
Total posts: 15
Posted:clap clap clap clap clap

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Location: Aotearoa (NZ)
Member Since: 17th Oct 2003
Total posts: 625
Posted:Awsome man! I love ur site also. I think alot of westerners would be eek if you tell them you start your kids fire dancing at 6-7-8 yrs of age, alot of other threads come off bad as most people expect that chlidren dont have the skill or understanding untill they are over 12-15.

Having been there and lived it, i have seen the potential and culture of it in the islands, and also that by the time your 15 in the islands its almost to late to become a champ seeing as most of the 15yr olds are masters. I love the way it is bred in to the culture and is just part of everyday life and "what you do".

Just seeing your site made me want to go back...i still have 1 of the two blades i brought home biggrin My son is nearly 4, what do you think wink ubblol

Thats it! im saving now, hopefull we can catch up at Aggies one day, otherwise ill take a detour to Pago.


Still wiggling
Location: Belfast
Member Since: 22nd Oct 2002
Total posts: 5967
Posted:Ahh!!! Well done, Teejay, pass on our congrats to your kids and all the other competitors!

All that practice pays off eventually smile

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Location: Malaeimi, Am. Samoa
Member Since: 23rd Oct 2003
Total posts: 75
Posted:Your son is 4 ?
I saw two four year olds at PCC last year who floored me !
They weren't competing - they were just showcasing - but the little man did doubles !

Just do what I did with my kids - start them off with really small wicks - as they get comfortable, you increase the size.

It's also nice that we don't have to worry about codes and stuff - we just light up whenever and wherever we please.
I'd love to post video - but I'm on a slow dial up. I'll be happy to send a CD with some DIVX clips to anyone who can post them.

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