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So far Poi is more or less considered to be a solo thing compared to juggling. But I have already tried it and seen some other people play with passing, although the constant control seems to be quite difficult. Especially when playing with the whole set (4 Poi at the same time).
I would say that throwing from a backwards spin over your shoulder makes it easiest for the other person to catch.
My problem is that I dont meet other spinners to practice with that often. So what are your experiences with passing ?!?



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i know matt (poipoipoi) dose a fair bit of wibble passing smile its fun.

i was doing some with him at bjc and we could get one poi wibbling between us fairly well, we were trying to work out some two poi patterns but not very successfully as my left hand is up the creek.

standing facing each other seems to be the easiest way to get this to work and passing right hand into right hand is the easiest throw and catch i seem to remember.

but i agree if i had more practise with real life spinners it would be cool. and there is a bit of a problem that i dont have anyone to practise with.

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throwing right hand to right hand for righties facing each other is the easiest; most easily done from an underhand type throw; been experimenting with facing away from the catcher; its very tricky;

a word of caution: you have to make sure to get a good, high arc on the throw, otherwise its very difficult to catch

try not to hurl it at the other spinner, as it can be bad having a flaming ball coming straight at your face;

good luck

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been trying a bit with my girrrrl.... you can basically pass all directions all ways, sync, stagered, forward back side by side ect ect ect.... catching them is another matter.

gotta get into counter weighted poi...

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Oh Beth and I were trying passing at Clapham during the summer.

We got some nice fwd 3 beat passes and bck 3 beat passes going. Where you are a facing each other, and release on the same beat.

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