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I am currently trying to learn how to do this move, but I seem to be unable, as of yet. I have the backward one, and I was convinced that if I just turned at the right moment, I'd just fall into it. As it turns out, that is obviously not the case.

I could -really- use some tips on this. Please help? I'd really appreciate it!


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hehe, i can do both, but not the turns smile

I really don't know how to help, i just tried to apply the normal forwards weave principles, but further back. Took me a couple of hours of going "spin spin crack" before i could get through the full move ubbrollsmile


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Wahahahahaha.... ubblol

Ohhh sry. biggrin

/me pulls himself back together.

Well, seeing as noone replys to my threads anymore, i may as well post here. Someone is soon to come and tell you to do a search ubblol nvrm that, there are alot of really good threads written about btb weave and some obviously crap ones.

You can always watch a video like THIS or maybee THAT and i have a crappy video HERE., that u may be able to see the turning part you were talking about.

That turn is everything, but you can learn forward btb without the turn. I learnt the turn first and the rest fell into place. If you time it right and turn you should be able to get the beginning movements of the forward btb weave. (and it only took me 6months mad). But watching videos helps.

Best advice is always : go spin, then spin and spin some more, it will hurt alot, you WILL get hit maybe even bleed a little, and if you have any more problems just keep spinning it btb and dont stop EVER! Untill you can do it, if u feel like u have to stop THATS WHEN UR ABOUT TO GET IT, so keep going. There easy as pie.

If you dont like or cant watch videos you can read text by doing a [Old link] for it.

Otherwise you can check out some of these random threads about btb weave:

[Old link]

[Old link]

[Old link]

[Old link]

But like i said, turn off the internet and go and spin. Its the only way u will ever get it. And if you have any more problems ask the poi, they have all the answers. ubbloco ubblol
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Try doing a forward weave in front of you and then turning from that. At a guess, your forward weave is bound to be better than your btb reverse weave and so will give you a smoother entry.


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Written by: Dragon7

Well, seeing as noone replys to my threads anymore

doesn't mean they're not being read dude, just that the readers don't have stuff to add to what you've said smile

Tserazi: listen to the Dragon's advice. It is very good advice. Apart from the bit about bleeding. That is unnecessary, and can be avoided by strapping a pillow to the back of your head.

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My little 2 pence worth:

Bend. A lot.

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It may help if you stretch out your arms as much as you can. Doing some stretching before isnt a bad idea either I think. Otherwise turn as much as you can, your entire body if need be. the btb backwards targets your shins, this one targets your back, so its really f*cking annoying. I learned to spin both ways btb before the turn, and then the turn came naturally.
is it only me or is the btb weave easier with heavier and longer poi? heavier is a bad idea though, for obvious reasons.

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remember how you first learnt to turn from the forward weave to the backward weave (??) now assuming that you understand how the poi move (the whole momentum thing) then all you have to do is go from the backwards btb weave and just turn into the forwards btb weave, then you will begin to understand where and how the poi want to move !!! then just go with the flow .

"easier said than done" - i know just go with it!


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bump and quote

Written by: The Helpful Mr Cody Canon from Nevada

I'm still learning this one but I have some tips.

Break it down to one hand, you need to turn your hand upsidedown and keep it that way.

Try turning 90 degrees away from the side with the poi. The turn helps.

"Switching between different kinds of chuu chuu sometimes gives this "urgh wtf?" effect because it's giving people the phi phenomenon."

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