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Its real - 100USD of Kevlar arrived on Monday - so many fire toys to make ubbidea - so cool - cheers HoP!!! thankx

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Posted:Well done!

Years and years of HOP competitions - and what have I won? Nada! Gah!

Got lots of hugs and the occassional smoke passed my way so not too shabby I guess

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Posted:congrats !! bounce

finally someone who posts. it's usually won by people you've never heard of.

happy burning! devil

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Posted:wow well done! i never ever win! hope you have muchos fun loverly bounce2

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Posted:the trouble is that i can never remember if i actually entered for a month - and dont want to enter twice! confused

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Posted:YAY Gelfling. bounce bounce2 bounce

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Posted:dentrassi it dont let you enter twice mate so dont worry. i thought i hadn't entered and entered again and it said i was already in. well done gelfling, thats years n years worth of buring fun. only thing i ever won was a parcel of lamb chops in a charity rafle and i'm a veggie! lol

It's smashing to be back x


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Posted:yay! i won that once. i've forgotten to enter lately tho. perhaps that's the reason i haven't been winning ubbloco

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Posted:*slaps forhead*

christ! I forgot to send mine in last time. The first time i entered, i got an email from HoP and I thouth omg ive won. Nope, i was just told who had one, that was crushing. congrats mate!

*runs off to enter comp*

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Posted:congrats gelfling bounce2 clap bounce2

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Posted:YAY go gelfling smile:):) juggle

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Posted:Congratulations and celebrations da da da.. anyway you get the gist. You are one in 600 hundred (last tie I looked), sit back and feel special biggrin.

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