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Forums > Technical Discussion > Review of the Light-stik by feral technologies

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stick boy!
Location: Tampa, FL, USA
Member Since: 21st Mar 2002
Total posts: 117
Posted:Has anyone seen the light-stik by feral tech up close or in action or own one? http://www.glowgadgets.co.uk/Light_StiK_twirling.htm

Looks cool, wonder if anyone has reviewed them or not. Any info would be appreciated. Any reviews on other lighted staff products? I have a gooble warming staff, but its too light and a bit flimsy, other than that, i like it. smile I have seen the staff full of streetlights (still kinda flimsy and they get turned off) and the aerotech staff(looks sweet, but PRICEY!!). Thanks from Florida, soon to be in Delaware!



Location: Germany
Member Since: 27th Feb 2004
Total posts: 92
Posted:i think the staff is pretty good i love my

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