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Hey everyone...we need your help!! A friend and i have just started a poi society at our university, De Montfort, in Leicester, we desperatly need people to come and show our members how its done, this year is a trial year so whenever you're free is good for us! We have practise space inside for practise poi,then hope, if the weathers fine to head to the park and fire poi too. The three of us who started the society are pretty much beginners and the backwards weave is as advaned as we get, anyone is welcome to come along and if you dont poi, then diabolo, staff, juggling, whatever is your thing, come and share it with us. We meet on tuesdays. email me at or PM me. Please please please!!! weavesmiley

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hey, do u meet every tuesday? i live nr leicester so would b great 2 meet a few more people that are near. i know a few people that do poi in leicester already n ime sure i can get them to come along to. biggrin

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