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Spin a Splittime Butterfly
-> Wrap the left Poi around the right wrist until it is fully wrapped and unwraps (changing direction). Take care that the Poi always stay in splittime and no Poi (especially the one that is wrapping) speeds up.
-> Now the Poi is unwrapping in the same direction splittime.
-> When it fully unwraps wrap it again around the right wrist. Still take care that no Poi changes speed.
-> The tricky part: Once it is fully wraped you have to give it an "isolated flick" so it unwraps into a splittime butterfly again
-> Repeat until you get it clean smile The secret is the contol of the right arm

Same of course works for sametime too.

greetings from Bangkok ubbrollsmile


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A) Props.

B) Thanks again for all the airwrap theory, you changed my world and I'm spreading the love to New York.

C) I'm having trouble wrapping the right wrist with my right poi (I'd never done that before)... I guess you just push the hand out away from you to get the string to wrap around the wrist right? Otherwise you're wrapping fingers in a one handed handcuff wrap. You do have to give it a bit of a flick to get it off.

Sounds nice.

Thanks homie.

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Written by: NYC

C) I'm having trouble wrapping the right wrist with my right poi (I'd never done that before)

if i read the description right its just the left poi on the right wrist.. the tricky bit, getting it to stay in split time...
quite possibly i fully misunderstoood things though. confused

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