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In order to really learn and control thru-wraps I can highly recommend Offset thru-wraps. This way one can feel if he really is spinning in splittime or if the thru-wrap is played with a little acceleration (which happens almost all the time).

Try Offset [Old link] too.

Thru-wraps ROCK biggrin


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You're right - that really does show off when your split-time is crap. Although to be honest, my normal thru-wraps are often pretty shoddy timing-wise wink

But I've been playing with offset weaves a lot recently, they're great for learning proper control for higher-beat moves. Butterfly offset weaves are a right bugger to learn wink

Cheers for the idea!

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eek BUMP eek

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Good call kids.

I've been passively playing with offsets these days.

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