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Posted:Hi,Since the drome has close we are still having trouble finding a new permanent venue for the juggling/twirling workshops.The next workshop will be held atThe ArchesOn the corner ofSouthwark Bridge Roadand Southwark St Tuesday. 7:30-11:00.We'll definitely be here for the next two weeks.(hopefully longer!!!)See you thereDimitriDimitri

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Posted:What happened to cloud 9. There were loads of rumpurs about railtrack closing that down, I was going to make it my new place for going untill the drome finds another venue. Will come along hopefully to one @ the arches, whats it like.peace outgarbo
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Posted:Hey London spinners!I am going to London for 8 days starting on the 14th of march. Aside from this workshop, are there other events, especially involving fire? I don't know much about the city so can anyone point me to good clubs where spinning poi or glowstick would be good?Thanks in advance.traveling nomad
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