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I wanted to announce publicly that you ROCK man!

I just got my beaming poi, when I ordered them last Sunday! FIVE day AIRMAIL delivery! That's like HOLY SH*! Thank you!

(And I even got that piece of paper! I'm gonna frame it)

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beaming poi rule!!!!! they work sooooo well for those people that want a go with your equipment, but have no skill whatsoever, cause they use them for about 30 seconds, hit themselves, and give them back.

I actually have found one problem with them, but its very small. the keyrings keep pulling out, and the attachment on the balls is to small to put quicklinks through I wish I could figure out something that would work.

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Kinudin (Soul Fyre)veteran
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Just goto a backpacking store and get some of the split rings there.

And I NEVER thouhgt that ball chain could get this big.

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^^I <3 my fire poi that I got off here. I wanted to try and make a pair like it, just shorter, so I went to almost every hardware store around...they just laughed at me when I showed them the ball chain and said I want this. They told me to go to a jewelery store ah well I just clipped 'em and now they wrap like magic

Anywho I agree you RAWK Malcolm.

Om Namah Sivaya

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Who's Malcolm ?

I think Malcolm's THE MAN
as always much respect and love to Malcolm, Cherry and 7 !!!!!

shine on

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