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I know it is a bit early to start this.

But just thought I would start a thread, so we can arrange meets for next year.

So did you go to some fest that was out off this world this year.

and you want to tell people about it for next year.

or you just want to find out what is going on next year.

I will try to keep a list right here.

any help or input is welcome.


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this is from the Levellers site - oh my look at that London gig bounce

Written by:

Special Guests 3 Daft Monkeys & McDermotts 2 Hours 23rd Feb
Special Guests 3 Daft Monkeys 22 Feb - 26 Feb, 16 & 17 April
Special Guests McDermotts 2 Hours 5 - 15 April

Tues 22 Feb The Junction, Cambridge 01223 511511
Wed 23 Feb London Forum, London 0870 060 3777 / 08701 500 044
Thurs 24 Feb Roadmenders, Northhampton 01604 604222
Fri 25 Feb The Garage, Glasgow 0871 2200260
Sat 26 Feb The Mill, Preston 01772 883617
- Counterfeit tickets are being sold in Preston, please only buy your tickets from the venue or SeeTickets as you will not get into the show with any other tickets.

Tues 5 April Wulfrun, Wolverhampton 01902 552121
Wed 6 April The Dance Academy, Ply
Thurs 7 April Coal Exchange, Cardiff 02920 494917
Fri 8 April The Winding Wheel, Chesterfield 01246 345334
Sat 9 April Parr Hall, Warrington 01925 442345
Sun 10 April City Hall, Salisbury 01722 434434
Tues 12 Brookes Uni, Oxford 01865 484750
Wed 13 Blank Canvas, Leeds 0113 2455570
Thurs 14 Vision, Scunthorpe 01724 277744
Fri 15th Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry 024 76524524
Sat 16th Temple Bar Music Centre, Dublin 00 3531 6709202
Sun 17 Empire, Belfast 0870 243 4455

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they're playing in Belfast... goddammit... I'm going this time. Honest.


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if you go to that gig you get 3 daft monkeys too ubblove you'd be a fool to miss it smile

****** sorry for minor off topic-ness *******

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I want to go to Beautiful Days but i think its on the same weekend as Play frown

Same as the Big Chill and the Big Green Gathering, i'm still torn as to which to go to, can anyone help me out?

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no way? eek eek

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BethMiss Whippy
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I checked last night frown beautiful days and play are the same weekend and big chill and bgg are the same weekend.

I dunno what to do frown

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Thats not good. Not that I'll be there for them anyway...

I had a look at the Levs website and saw those dates. To be honest Cambridge would be too far to go on a school night frown. London is the only do-able one buuuuut tickets are 21 plus postage which is rather a lot. Noodles may be up for it though so I'll see what she says.

FNF - would you be persuaded to come the the London gig? Stix and Rachael are going to come. I've decided just now!! smile

offtopic - sorry redface Maybe we should start a new Levellers thread???!

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Play Festival and Glade this year!

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Looking like Sonica is on the agenda, so im told the place looks like this:

Non-Https Image Link
biggrin biggrin biggrin mmmmmmm italian trance

Non-Https Image Link

and theres some fat music lined up
Wonder if Glade is gonna be able to handle the amount of people that come, everyone I know's going - its gonna be rammed! confused



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Just Glasto for me, just hope my house mate gets a car or I can learn to drive as its a long walk from Manchester!

*Thats one of my favourite Nurseries over there,*

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Fullmoon festival in north germany (between Voov and Antaris in dates and location) has the biggest lineup I've seen for a trance festival. I went a couple of years ago from Antaris to Full moon to Voov (2 weeks of festival) and loved it.

highly recommended smile

voov is always good, as is Antaris.

--- <--- check this lineup!!!!


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hmmm... umm full moon line up is good but with Hallucinogen and Infected headlining Sonica is currently being seriously considered in my house at the moment. Freedom Festival in Portugal looks good too but i think it clashes with EJC.... smile

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the full moon line up is absolutely crazy...
im seriously debating.....

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Hey, have never been to beautiful days festival, but sounds highly recomended and web site looks [censored] cool, could anyone tell me what kinda music i could expect if i went, in fact any info on good festivals would be appreciated, me and mates who are now far flung make it a rule to meet every year at reading but im finding im wanting to see less and less bands, spending more and more time in the dance tent dancing my hours away and EVERY year their has been been a distinct lack of poisters, well a few who were actually pretty skilled but i didnt see more than 20 or so all weekend last year. Cheers people!

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I's going to ozorafest and Calling Transylvania this year methinks biggrin

the lineups are out of this world

bounce bounce bounce

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Good luck to people hoping to get lucky with Glasto tickets this year. And nice to see a lot of interest in The Glade too. I'm not suprised though, I was there and there was quite a fire show last year at Glade #1. I guess some of you HoPers out there were involved!

Festival Season 2005!!!!

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Definates: EJC, Festival of Fiery Arts in Graz (not a camping festival), Glasto, BrJC!!

Mighty likely: Sonnenklang, OZORA - this looks absolutely ace!!

Maybe: Full Moon

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PLAY and Bristol JC are surely top of the list are they not (for UK bods)?

BethMiss Whippy
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hopefully ill be at the brizzle JC if it doesnt clash with uni and freshers week which i think it might frown does anyone know the dates yet?

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the summer is definitly shaping up nicely, homelands, glasto, play and biggest and best of all in my eyes.. Camel Rock! biggrin down the beach, live music and possibly the levellers headlining! kick ass!

not much better than live music down the beach and then sun setting, plus there's a cool laser show too!

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i'll def be at reading cos Foos are rumoured to be headlining beerchug

i saw loads of poisters last year! someone said they saw hardly any?!

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