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Posted:September: Fri-24 through Sun 26:
Los Angeles, California

All classes to be held at the wonderful:
Screenland Dance Studios
10501 Burbank Blvd., N. Hollywood

Fri 24: 6-9pm Tribal Poi (group improv poi using bellydance and cues) $35

Sat 25: 10am-12pm Intro to Burlesque $25
1-4pm Tease-n- Strip $35
5pm Dinner and field trip to The Velvet Hammer!

Sun 26: 10am-11:30am Character work, $20
11:30-1pm Fire Burlesque, $20

Or you can take all 5 workshops for $110, a savings of $25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Contact me (Pele) at Pelethedancer@yahoo.com or 585-739-2015 for more info or to reserve your spot!

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Posted:Here's hoping you come visit again! Wish I was here when you came!




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Posted:How did I miss this?

Pele teaching people how to take their clothes off?!


Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
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Posted:Hey Pete... when are you in LA again. Might you have a contact here that teach me (POI) from a-z?


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Posted:hmm, pina.. you may have to take a quick look at when this was posted.. almost two years ago now smile


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