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I just made a torch and I was wondering how big everyone else makes theirs (or the ones they use)

Mine measured out to be 2.5 inches long by 1.5 inches wide at the widest point, in a 'doob' shape...largest in the middle, smaller on the two ends.

That's alot of torch to put in my mouth so I'll probably keep it for traces and breathing only.

I'm not sure how large the wick is on the torches they sell here at HoP, but it looks to be a standard tube core wick...

I also had another question about the torches, I know cheescloth or kevlar are suggested depending on what it is you're doing, but does anyone know how well oil lamp wicks work? I'm not sure what the materials are, or if they contain any kevlar, and no one at any of the stores know...
I'm hoping someone here has experience with the name and materials before...

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