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Posted:Last night in my Australian Sign Language class I snapped at one of my class mates after she made a remark against me (I had a headache and was tired and this woman has pushed my buttons so many times).

I told her very rudely to "stop being such a condescending censored censored"

Now this woman knows that I work for the place where I am taking the course. Keep in mind that I do this course in my own personal time and I pay for it by myself...

This morning we get a phone call from this woman asking to speak to the program manager of the course that we are taking together.

I am sure she has put in a complaint about me and I don't know enough about the laws and legalities can this complain reflect on my professional record???

Can this complaint be taken seriously and a black mark be put on my employment record?

I mean the comment was made in my personal time so I can't see how it could be...but I can't help but be a bit worried....

Is there anything anyone thinks I should do in order to protect myself from anything that may eventuate from this?

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Posted:If its worrying you so much, I say face it head on. That way you know one way or the other. Go and talk to the program manager and explain what happened. Be honest and up front with him/her, and ask them to be candid with you.

I find things that you bottle up and wonder and worry over usually don't ever turn out as badly as your imagination paints them.

Good Luck! hug smile

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Posted:all depends what she said to you I guess..

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Posted:generally anyone who works in the education / training industry knows that there are often wackos doing courses. Explain what this person was doing that was so annoying and caused you to snap.

generally if the ppeople you are working for like you, they will go to great lengths to protect you. On the other hand, if they dont like you they will use it as an excuse to shaft you. Either way if you are *certain* the person made a complaint about you, then face it head on. dont make anything up and be truthful.

I guess the only thing you should be wary of however, is that whether or not it was in your personal time, if ppl think the circumstances were unreasonable they will use this information to make personality judgements...

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Posted:I would imagine that no, it can't reflect on you. But i agree with skullduggery, go talk to your boss. Ask her advice - tell her exactly what happened and why.

Hopefully the call will just be co-incidence.

Go gently.


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Posted:People get angry all the time, this one little incident isn't going to be held against you, your boss will probably have a quick chat with you and forget about it biggrin so chill out cool

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