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Anything insane related to staff then whack it here!

One thing I can think off to get it started is doing an entire routine whilst standing on a tight rope.

Now that is one hell of a test of balance and would most probably require Jedi like mind skills to come anywhere near accomplishing, but if anyones willing to give it a go then by all means do so, just tell us all how ya failed miserabley ubbloco

I suppose the weak minded of you could start by standing on one leg ubblol Just dont try and do an under leg throw, under the leg your standing on!

anthrax.... it infects, then spreads..... fast

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pogo sticks alone are crazy insane things! but while twirling doubles? now my head hurts!

What if I should fall right through the centre of the Earth and come out the other side where people walk upside-down?!

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Written by: {anthrax}

what the hell!!!! how on earth do you pogo WITH NO HANDS????

Thighs of STEEL!

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