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Posted:Strange for us to come together, the flame and I. It seems we have been serinading one another throughout my whole life!!!

I have been swinging and spinning stuff since I was a young boy. Thanks to HoP, I learned how to set all my toys on fire. Now something that has always inspired me has become a new exspression of life and vitality.

Now that I own the fire I will use it to move and inspire.

I am editing my video and pics to post as soon as possible. It felt good but it seems as though the people watching were much more impressed with the show than I was.

I need to nail down some rutine and not just spin in a sparatic combustion?

Thank again to you all who have created a powerfull community to grow in.


Don't be afraid...Look full into the light!!!

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Posted:Congrats, Abide.

Don't forget to respect the flame, and always have safeties around you...

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Posted:Yay! fire is amazing to work with.
Though I totally agree with Charles and remember, fire is organic and you will never own it you will only become friends with it, sometimes it has a mind of it's own so always respect it.
Have fun and keep playingweavesmiley
Good luck with working out a routine.:)

Live, love, laugh and dance!


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Madam Flame

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Posted:I know I've asked before, but I'm going to ask again. Would you like to come to the Portland Fire & Drum Jam? The next one will be on Sunday, Spetembr 5th. We'll only have one more after that before we'll stop until next April. Gidg & I would love to see more HOPpers there. Let me know & I'll give you directions on how to get there.

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