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Posted:I'm about to study art and design at the Edinburgh College of Art, which means I'll be spending the next few years in Scotland. I know many of you have either been there or live there, and as I have done neither, I thought it might be a good idea to ask fellow HOPers a little about the it.

1. is it expensive? (as in: how much is a beer?)
2. what's the poi hotspot?
3. does it really get dark at 3pm in winter?

chances are Ill be lodged quite close to meadows and I hear thats really where the sh*t goes down. feel free to add anything you feel I should know about the place.

thanks a lot for helping.

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Posted:I nearly went there!! but didn't.... Although I have heard grand reports from those I know who did go. None of them spin though, so have no idea about the poi situation nor the specifics of beer prices, in fact i don't really know anything, just thought I'd share my appreciation for the art college.... have a fantastic time smile

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Posted:Random and probably not much use to you, but I live in Stirling. Would be up for spinning, but I rarely go into Edinburgh.

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Posted:1) expensive in comparison to out in the sticks in North England. We have been chared over 6 for two drinks, although there are lots of studenty places that do cheap booze offers. General city prices really so if you're used to that then it won't seem expensive (gotta love wetherspoons for cheap meals)

2) the meadows, edinburgh uni also has a juggling society but you'll have to ask someone else about that as I haven't officially joined it yet (also check the Ed thread in events)

3) yes, yes it does.

Feel free to pm me if you want more info about anything but I can't guarentee I'll be much use. Or speak to why, or kit or manticore or mcp or any other edinburgh people etc etc

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Posted:I lived in Edinburgh for 5 years but only just got into poi-ing before I left so I don't know much about what goes on regularly but during the festival (oficially August but runs into July and September as well) alot of people meet up on the meadows (which is near Edinburgh University's George Square campus and not far from the Edinburgh College of Art (if I remember rightly where that is!). When I was up in Edinburgh this was usually on a Monday night.

Edinburgh is generally quite expensive as it is a capital city but it also has a large student population so there are lots of places thet are a bit cheaper - just shop around a bit!

And it does get dark in the winter between 3 and 4pm ish but it stays light until 11 or 12 at night in the summer which is really good for sitting in beer gardens!

I hope you have a great time - I loved living in Edinburgh - and if you get chance try and travel round Scotland a bit or do a few day trips - Glasgow is great for shopping and the higlands and islands are great for hillwalking, mountaineering, skiing or just a bit of sightseeing depending what you are interested in!



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