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Fore word: This post is just a random thought process that I deal with on a day to day bassis. Respond if you want, but this is just a random thought.......

Well were to start? How do you explain a feeling; becasue that's what the shroud is, a feeling. Depression, sadness, feeling alone, lost, all of these are part of the shroud. All my life it's been there. Nomatter were I hhide, or fast I run, it's right there behind me. It always feels like someone is fallowing me, right over my shoulder, waiting. I have tryed it al to break free from its dark cover, but nothing works. Even in the good times, it's in the back of mt mind, saying to me "I haven't forgot about you, and you won't forget about me!" Every day I live wtih this in me, and every smile is a step forward, but I can never get away from my own mind, and it always seems that just as I have lost my shroud, it reminds me "i'm here. I'm part of you." I know this is the hand that fate has delt, for all my strength, this is my one weekness, and what a weekness to have.......I will never be free, but I will never succumb......This my life test, and I will pass. My will, even in the darkness, shale oversome The Shroud

You can't avoid pain by fencing yourself from it.
Some times you need the help of others more than anything else
But you have to let them close enough to help......
People want to be needed, I found that out too

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