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Posted:I was at a circus thing that my local council put on on Friday night and I saw the coolest thing ever! These guys called Fire Art had all this crazy stuff, there was a fire sword fight and fire ropes they spun like poi but the whole thing was on fire! And my favorite bit was when one their guys called Phuhzzz (that's how it was spelt in the program!) had one of those things that the Grim Reaper uses like a long handle with a two bits to hold on to with a long blade on the end and that was on fire too!

So has anyone done this before? And does anyone know these Fire Art guys? They are from Melbourne somewhere the circus night was in Mordialloc.

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Posted:wow man i's never heard of any fire troupes from mordy...
the implement you are seeking is a 'scythe'
it is what you make swords into when humanity evolves past the anachronism of war. peace

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Posted:Hey Bender. I just did a search to see if he ever used HoP and there's a guy who used to post as Phuhzzzie Wuhzzzie the Pumpkin King, the spelling is the same and he said he had a straight jacket in the "I Killed Kenny" post and he did use a straight jacket in the show. Do you think he's the same guy?
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Posted:You could always PM him and see wink

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