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Forums > Social Discussion > calling all spinners: anyone know or have seen konsti? cant find him

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Posted:KONSTI!! dude, where you at, havent seen or heard anything from you for ages..
to anyone elso out there who may know the whereabouts of this hilarious russian plz inform me ASAP or mention to him that im looking but with no luck thankx a bunch


remembers when it was all fields round here
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Posted:Last seen here smile

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Rouge Dragon

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Posted:he's living it up in ibiza and making me jealous cos im stuck in freezing victoria and at school...

he apparently gets back to vienna next week though, so try then!

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Posted:hey dude. im here in sunny spain. ill be back in vienna on sunday if u care. i dont think anyone is there except phil and heather. bah! u gots my number and let me know when u get ur lazy dreadlocked student ass back into the homeland smile

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Posted:Hooray! Lets have a party! (any excuse!) ubbrollsmile biggrin ubbrollsmile

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