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Posted:after reading the thread "fyre/ fire balls",i was wondering if anyone has any experience with 'contact'.... Could it be done with one of those fire jugglin' balls? cheers, C'an'U

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Posted:Hey. I do contact juggling. I am not very good but a learning. You could do it with those fire balls, there is one problem that I can see. The concept of contact juggling as you know is to keep the ball in contact with your skin and therefore I can see someone burning themselves. However i have never used those juggling balls for juggling and don't know whether they burn or not if they are in contact with your skin for to long.anyway yeahpeace out garbo
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Posted:In response about the fire juggling balls...yes they burn and the metal acts like a brand.I am trying to figure out hackey sack contact juggling, seeing if I can develope a hackey sack that I can ignite.------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

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