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Posted:Greetings, I have been lent Narziss and Goldmund by Herman Hesse, any comments anyone? I'm finding it quite heavy but with some brilliant bits of prose.

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Posted:hiya 'orange' here on sketchy` pc

i read steppenwolf which was really deep about an old man who`d always done the work side but not the play side of life then he starts to mix both it`s really deep and age is really used to make you realise every second gone is a second gone...

i`ve just bought a copy of siddartha-but it`s on my books to read list - currently lounging in my bathrooms pile to read
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hope this helps some
he is a good writer though - isn`t he...



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Posted:Personally i prefer sidharta but then....

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Posted:I liked Siddartha a lot ... but I must confess I find Hesse's style sometimes a bit heavy too ... just my opinion though ;..

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Posted:just this morning i leant my copy of
The Glass Bead Game to my friend... it and Siddhartha are among my faves...a good read! heavy? or intelligent? i say intelligent...

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Posted:*hugs very well worn copy of Siddhartha*

^^it's ma favourite book so far...

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