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Posted:hi guys i've been getting into poi recently and its been fun.

hitting my head sux though. i think imma wear a helmet when i practice

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Posted:well poi is good. hitting your head and any other part of your body isn't. practice makes perfect. helmuts cups shin gards thy protectors r for pussies uh kidding

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Posted:Hi Ender and welcome to Home of Poi !
It'd be great if you entered more details about you in the "introduction" section of the board so we get to know you a bit

shine on

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Posted:Spin with Fire, then when you hit yourself in the head spinning with comet poi is a breeze, but the memory of the fire helps you realise why you're doing it.
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Posted:Once I jsut missed my face while spinnning fire and for the next hour walked around untill my friend goes..why have you got black stuff all over your face.........it was soot...hahahaha..still haven't lived it down.



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Posted:Speaking of Ow I just got my first burn. Got cocky and thought a bare arm wrap wouldn't hurt. Normally they don't but this one wrapped itself around the chain and roasted my arm for a second or two. It's not too bad, but I've always been proud being able to tell people I've never burned myself doing these arts...


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