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ok, im in a Bad mood, and im desperate to vent, so here goes

Right, im v pissed off with my friends-its the Summer! we're supposed to be going out Every night, having Fun, and theres enough to do to make that possible.
im getting more into the "rave" scene, but my friends arent. thats part of it basically. also, i wanted a couple of them to come to a fire meet. they're interested in poi, but couldnt be bothered to go. im kinda shy, so didnt go either....
so, in one week, theres been at least 4 times where ive rung them up, and asked them to come out, but nope...they're too tired...or cant be bothered...or..i dunno..just like aggrevating me?? (ok, no thats not true, but im pissed off)
so, im just restless and kinda lonely cos im growing apart from my friends, but arent quite good enough with brothers friends to go with them...
have a rant!! have a bloody good bitchy does help..
thanks for reading anyhoo... ubbrollsmile
eek ubbloco redface umm

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wahay! - let's all have a rant wink

I've been travelling, had loads of fun, really looking forward to coming home.

I come home, fully intending to be 'good', polite, helpful without asking for anything in return, and easygoing so that all flows easily enough. Wrong. Now that there's someone else in the house i get the blame for everything. And I mean everything. i'm not talking about losing the newspaper or letting the dog out, i'm talking about every little, medium and big thing that could have gone wrong in the last year or might do so in the forseable future. Apparently, it's all my fault. and guess what, if I'm silent then i must be guilty (of causing my sister to move out, of causing every row that has ever happened and of generally causing unnecessary tension and unpleasantness) and if i dare to point out that I was in Malaysia at the time then I'm 'constantly whinging' as well as doing all of the above!!!!!



I'm going to do some yoga.

Then have a glass of water.

Then sit and stew quietly for a while.

whoopie ubbloco

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hug meditate

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Have a rant, get it out and we'll listen, and then we'll give you guys a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig hug and hope you feel better hug2

So here's the hug part hug hug hug hug hug Hope it helps! biggrin

I smile because i have no idea whats going on!! biggrin

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Oh I could really have a rant here, but won't smile

Hugs to Griffin and FNF though hug

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I feel like a rant too mad

Ok when my rents first say'd the were breaking up I was fine, although a little dissapointed. They saud they'd still be friends, that dad would come around once or twice a week for dinner with us, and there would be no more arguing. AND I WAS STUUUPID ENOUGH TO BELIVE THAT!!! mad2
Both of them are being so immature its unbelievable. Litterally screaming so hard their throats are sore, about petty little things, like why dad was out for too long getting the fish and chips for mine and lulu's tea.
AND im being organised as to where im sleeping, which i hate. I was told I could choose as and when im at my dads, but apparently thats gone out of the window too now mum goes 'oh it'll be better for me if you sleep at your dad's tomorrow' gee thanks.
Oh! and i had to walk back from the circus last night and there was a thunderstorm. I got absoloutly soaked to the skin and whats the first word that comes outta my mums mouth as I walk in the door "oh you didn't get that new handbag wet did you?"
screw the censored handbag! what about me?!

Sorry, kinda a long rant but i feel better now meditate
Aimz xx

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Written by: Durbs

Oh I could really have a rant here, but won't smile

I feel exactly the same way ubblol

But I could also really hand out some hugs here instead... hug hug hug hug hug

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you are nice woman.



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Written by: Spanner

Written by: Durbs

Oh I could really have a rant here, but won't smile

I feel exactly the same way ubblol

But I could also really hand out some hugs here instead... hug hug hug hug hug

ditto and a few more hugs for good measure! hug hug hug hug hug2 hug2 hug2 hug2

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Remeber kids.... Its all fun and games until someone loses a bol**ck! biggrin

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Griffin......Shy shmmmy!.....go out into the world and do it all by yourself. The only person you spend your whole life with is............YOU! Friends, relatives, lovers come and go and sometimes want to be with you and sometimes not. Life flashes by so fast. Don't get to the end of it and think "if only..........." get to the end of it and say "Damn that was a mighty fine exciting ride!" Who gives a flying *@#*$ what people think of you. As long as what you are doing is hurting no one else and you are having fun..... I say get on up and do it! Good luck hug

Ok my rant is over............. Mmmm it works. I feel better. I wasn't even angry before either........*wonders off to get some lunch*

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bounce grouphug hug2 sunny

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i hate it how there is so uch pressue on students to perform. the powers that be really have no censored clue cos when they went through the system it was completely different and you could get a tertiary education for free and then be practically guarenteed a job.
and the stress leads to really not nice things. im usually an incredibly social person who loves her friends to death, but at the moment i'm just cranky with everyone, and the world, and my tolerance (which is usually pretty good) has just disappeared. i just want to scream at people for random reasons.
i dont care how many people say "theres only a few months to go". because three months to go or not, i'm going mad NOW!


and that was the heavilly abridged version!

i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

Rougie: but that's what I'm doing here
Arnwyn: what letting me adjust myself in your room?..don't you dare quote that on HoP...

griffinfeminine tiddly pom
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hugs for ranters, and any close bystanders

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