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Posted:i was wondering, what are everyones dreams, ok ill do this differently,

what is....
a) your violent dream-
b) your life dream-
c) your love dream-
d) your twirling dream-

ok well have fun
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overlord and maggot king
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Posted:a) beating someone to death with a wiffle bat (soft cushy baseball bat, would take a number of hours to hurt someone
b) marry the love of my life and make LOTS of babies
c) as stated above
d) twirl in a totally unique place

welcome back to kermits mad land.

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Posted:a)I don't think I have one at least not conciously
b)To be truly myself in every way
c)To give and recieve true love
d)To twirl for the rest of my days on this earth and never get too old for it

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Posted:a) your violent dream- i admit, i have one. only one person has ever evoked this much anger and hatred in me, and i'd love to let loose on her

b) your life dream- open a Women's Resource Center with counseling, rape crisis, a self-defense studio, outreach, prevention programs, research, etc.

c) your love dream- marry my twin flame

d) your twirling dream- actually get good enough to get on COL and win

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Posted:violent dream - i think im with majik on that one

life dream - to be totally happy and i think im pretty much there biggrin due to a certain someone ubblove and lots of new and old friends hug

love dream - check smile wink

spinning dream - to learn more moves, slow down abit and be more gracefull smile

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Posted:violent-i want to slap someone. its not very violent, but to properly slap someone around the face-*SLAP*

life-to be content, to be working in a field thats exciting, and to feel im maybe improving other people's lives

love-to meet someone im repetedly excited to see, to always be finding our love for each other more and more capacious

spinning-to truely understand the way my body can work, so i can constantly interest myself with the forever changing art

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Posted:Violent - to throw the head of every person that has ever hurt me, through a window. Or to pistol whip them till their face bleeds...(so much anger pent up in me)
Or maybe bash them with a boffer (like pool noodles) very soft but so annoying to be hit with.

Life - to be an assassin, or to just for once, fele truly happy again.

Love - i could go on for pages and pages about this, but in short: To find someone loyal. Truly loyal who i really love.

Twirling - To be poiing to my fave song of the time and, ontop of a carm or many wearng funky clothes with my coloured flame

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a) your violent dream- I don't have them, except ones where something bad happens to me.. no guns or fights or anything though. That sort of stuff's not really in my nature.
b) your life dream- Hoping (although it's an amazingly comptetitive area, at least ing the UK) to become a primary school teacher. Doing my PGCE after I graduate, actually getting onto a course (hopefully in Southampton) and then finding a nice little village school.
c) your love dream- A home, a job, a TV, and Jenny ubblove
d) your twirling dream- Fire on a rocky outcrop, high above the sea t night in a storm.. topless, with huge waves crashing up around me... Hee it'd be cool but I'd have to be careful not to fall in!

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Posted:Violent - go crusading against what shouldnt be. become a karmic warrior or something. or a mercenary.

Life - be comfortable, have a 'day to day' car, and a 'im going to go out and play this weekend' car, an easy, slack job that rakes in the cash, good friends, a cook, and a maid or two.

Love - I really, honestly, dont know how to answer this. i recall writing an eyebleeder a while ago about it all, but bleh. if you want to durbs for it, go ahead :P . in short, someone that respects when i need time alone, and time together, that will love me for me, and that i can love for them, and that will change as love, times, and we both change. and it would be great if i think she's attractive, too.

Twirling - To get BTB stuff working. that'll be nice. in the longer term, i think that i'd rather be able to dance more, and spin less. to be able to spin more than poi, and to be able to contact juggle a billiard ball well enough that i dont drop it.

dont want much, hey?

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Posted:Violent-Lots of shooting, no clue wuts goin on...
Life-Playing in the NHL, boo ya!
Love-Finding the perfect woman
Twirling-To become better than the people who taught me weavesmiley

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Posted:a) your violent dream- often i'd like to kill everyone who gets in my way when i'm walking around town (but thats just if i'm hungry)
b) your life dream- br famous, rich and have people like me - or well, maybe just the last one.
c) your love dream- someone i could be perfectly myself around and not have to worry about caring about them cause i just would
d) your twirling dream- to impress


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My hairs on fire

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Posted:Violent-Have everyone whos hurt me/pissed me off beyond beliefe in a room and make the walls come closer and closer....
Life-Little house, 12 car garage, 2 kids all next to the beach
Love-Finding somone who wont get bored of me.Aprechate what i will do for them.Someone i can be content chilling with and someone who wont scew with my head.
Twirling-get the 5 beat and then do all the weaves i can do in 5.

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Posted:a. my violent dream is to shove a lit ciggerette up some one's nose(dont ask me where that came from...I dreamed i was doing it to my dad last night...and i only have violent dreams twoards him...hmmm i think its time to go see the psyciratrist) life dream is to dance until i am 100, any type of dancing, but just dance. And also to finish college and become a doctor...
c.My love dream is for Sean to get out of jail...then in about a year and a half we will be married
d. My twirling dream is to get much better than what I am. I learned classical dancing my whole life and I just started this...Its hard. But I think I can do it...

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Posted:a) violent dream

just for one day, i'd like to hand out tazers to every single person that uses the tube and have access to all the cctv so i could sit back and watch.
i'd be interested to see if anyone at all managed to complete a journey without getting zapped at least once smile

b) life dream

finding a career i love so that that i will be sad the day i retire rather than looking forward to it (plus my long term family man plan that includes a happy, beautiful wife, a house (not in a city) with a big garden, a dog and a kid).

c) love dream

coming true ubblove

d) twirling dream(s)

to be better ubbangel

fire: to spin at one of those beaches where the sea still only gets to knee height or by a volcanic lake (on top of a volcano obviously) when you're miles from the shore at sunset/dusk.

glow: blue/green glowtoys on snow, underneath the northern lights.

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