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Well congratulations to me...I have got my third cold in the past two months...each one seems to be worse than the one before.

I am only minutes away from taking myself back to the hospital due to the fact that each cold I have seems to attack the weakest part of my body (my lungs).

I have been self medicating myself through my nebuliser but it ISN"T working.

I'm so sad and upset and feel like just giving up and falling asleep till this all passes.

I just want to be healthy just for one week...why is that so hard to have happen?

Why is it that every day of every week I have to be sick...I just want to wake up one morning and be okay. Not have to take a handful of tablets just to feel slightly human (half of the pills and medicines don't even work but I apparently have to take them).

I am feeling so totally desperate and depressed at the moment.

Sorry to spill but had to get it out... frown

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I truly hope you feel better. I get sick all the time too, plus I'm bipolar & that just adds to my misery. Have you ever tried a naturopathic doctor? I've found that they have great natural remedies to help strengthen your own bodies immune system without having to take harsh synthetic drugs which can reek havic on other parts of your system. You might still have to take other meds too, but it might help boost your immune system so you didn't get sick as often. I wish you the best of luck.

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ooooh hughughug

That's sooooo horrible darl! I would lend you my immunse system for a week if I could, let me tell you! ubbangel

maybe it's the same cold, and just keeps resurfacing in your body?? frown In anycase, it really sucks!

I sincerely hope you're body and immune system kick it's lil arse back into... umm, well just kill it! hug Sending healing thoughs and viiiibes!

~ Bobo
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hug hug hug

get better soon!! have one of these beerchug - that'll make you feel better! biggrin

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No good hey, hug
I know the feeling, a few years ago I spent 18 mths with colds and flus I just couldn't shake it off. I felt the same you do
"Just give me one week where I can breathe!" eek
I guess I just started feeling better about my life and where I was at and I just got better, I don't know how that works but hey!
It might not be the same for you but all I can say is drink lots of good water and be lazy. wink
Hope you get better hug hug hug

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colds are terrible - and even worse when you can't shake them!
maybe getting some rest will help to let your body relax and fight it on its own accord.
good luck hug

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im very lucky. I hardly ever get sick. iN fact i cant remember the last time i was majorly ill.
Hope you get better soon. hug hug hug

Aimz xx

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Damn Fi, sometimes life really does suck. I hope that the cold goes away soon, and that everything else gets better instead of worse. I pray for you. hug hug2 hug hug2

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ok well i do not recommend what im about to tell you but it seemed to work for me.
i freely admit that i used to like the occasional cone after and during the end of my high schooling life. before this i got every cold that then around my nose was always clogged and just felt dodgy all the time apart from half of summer then i would feel crapy again get a crazy cold recover but still feel only 80%
now with all uni around me and my mates influence i got into the habit of smoking, not cigs just the good old herb which now i havent had any of for almost 7 months now. but i found that after and half way through my stoner life i didnt get any colds and it seemed like my immune system got tanky as and still is. the last time i got sick was 2 months into grade 12 i would have just turned 17 im now 19 1/2 and havent had flue colds or anything.
now this sparks interesting debate over the benefits of marijuana for medical purposes doesnt it.
anyways dont take my word for it cos it could purly be coinsedental that and my spelling being after effects ubbloco

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