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I am practicing poi for a few years and I have been able to teach myself some new tricks. I never saw anyone talking or doing them so I like to cosider them my invention.

(I count beats by the amount of rotations both poi do on each side of the body)

Behind the back reverse 5 weave:

You need to move your body fast from side to side so they wont hit you. I'm afraid to try the other direction behind the back with 5 weave, I guess you know the reason :P

6 Weave:

Similar to 4 weave, but does 6 rotations at every side, 3:3.

Opposite weave:

Start rotating one poi reverse, and one poi normal, and weave with them. On one turn one hand will be above the other, like a normal weave, and then the other hand will be above the other, again like a normal weave, after you do both turns you rotate them strait and then you weave them again.

There are some more, but I'm sure you know them. is anyone here familiar with those tricks?

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Hi Ariad & welcome to Home of Poi

Indeed those tricks have been posted before, there's not much new out there but you've figured stuff out for yourself which I reckon it better than just picking it all up from other people.

If you do a search and dig through these forums you'll find a lot of different moves. The videos in the gallery and linked from the video forum will also provide a lot of inspiration.

5 beat btb weave - with a bit of practice and different arm position you can do it without having to move yourself so quickly. Although I don't do this move so can't

6 beat weave - actually weave really should go up in odd numbers (with the exception of the 2 beat) as the weave is about changing hand position. 7 beat is possible, and debate continues about 9

The opposite weave is often called the Butterfly weave, or the Impossible weave by PoiPoiPoi 'cos he likes interesting names wink. Anyway, it's a great move and I'm finalyl getting it solid split time.

So, happy hunting through the archives and videos!

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Where can I see a video of 7 weave?

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Dunno, but if you're doing a 6 beat weave you're twisting twice on one side surely and only once on the other side? 7 beat is just (he says not being able to do it wink) twisting twice on each side...

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I believe some of PK's videos from have a 6 or 7 beat weave but all the vids are currently down at the moment so that doesnt really help ya right now.

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